Sleep. What a beautiful word. I have not connected with this wonderful word in so long.

Sleep. I gave you up so many years ago. Do you think you could come for a visit? I know a long stay is out of the questions.

Sleep. They say you will come back full time once the kids are out of the house. Shall I kick them out for a short period of time for your visit. JK

Sleep. You elude me you beautiful connection to the soft bed that awaits me each and every night.

Sleep. I knew I had to give you up when I had kids. But you are like a drug that so many of us want in our lives, we can’t give up. We don’t want to give up.

Sleep. Some nights you are so wonderful to me and allow me a slight reprieve.

Sleep. I love the nights that you allow us all to sleep uninterrupted.

Sleep. I am so grateful that you had done wonders with our boys and allowed them to sleep from very early on through the night.

Sleep. I know there are times we must be awoke by one child or another, mainly right now it is the little one – between the double ear infection and the growth spurt. He is allowing for some sleepless mornings.

Sleep. I so look forward to when the little one feels better and sleeps through the night. For all our sakes. We are not use to this having to get up in the middle of the night stuff. 🙂

Sleep. I look forward to us partnering up in the near future. Whenever you like. I am there.

Thank you,


Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash