Warning: This blog may contain some humbuggish moments/ thoughts/ feelings.

Do you have love in your life?

I sure hope so.

I know my hubby loves me.

I know my boys love me.

Maybe I’m getting more harsh in my old age, or maybe I am just having a humbuggish kind of day. We all have them and we have no control of when they may occur. But the more I think about the holiday today, the more stressful it gets.

You see this year I am thinking about the commercialization of it all. Prices of flowers, candy, cards, don’t even get me started on jewelry.

Maybe it is the fact that I feel bad that I just did not get the chance to run by the store to get anything for my boys. The hubby I had taken care of thanks to Amazon, the boys I could of picked up at the store. But you see more often then not I have them with me, which makes things difficult when trying to do the secret shopping for them. Easy for little man this year, will start getting harder over the years. Super hard for the older one who notices EVERYTHING.

There are so many commercials that stamp it in your brain, get this or that for your loved ones.

I know it should not matter that I did not get them anything because I show them that I love them each and every day. I still feel horrible about not getting them anything. Maybe it is that I want to do something nice for them. Maybe I don’t want them to think I don’t love them because I did not get them anything because they are young and don’t always see what I do do for them.

I love Valentines day because it is one day a year that I feel loved. It would be nice to know I was loved and appreciated through out the year. But life. Enough said right. Life.

I feel that love and appreciation should be shown other days of the year as well.

It feel  as if Valentine’s puts pressure on people.

“Am I doing enough?”

“Do I need to do more?”

“Will they like what I got?”

“Will they be angry if this is not what they expected?”


Maybe I am just having a bad day and it is manifesting on to Valentines Day.

I truly hope that you have someone in your life that you love because in the end that is what it is about.

Sorry if I ruined your day, it was never my intention. Just me and my humbuggish thoughts/ feelings.

Thank you


Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash