You ever have those moments you feel invisible in this world of ours?

I know I sure do.

Sometimes it is random feelings.

Sometimes it is based on an event that may or even may not have occurred.

Sometimes it is because I am a woman.

Sometimes it is because I can be an emotional soul.

Sometimes it is because I am a fairly shy person (introvert all the way – believe me I have taken the test).

Sometimes it is because – well just because.

Feelings, emotions and even thoughts don’t always need a reason to be. They just are there.

There are days I ponder and even wonder – If I were to go silent/ not utter one spoken word, would anyone notice? Much like the question – If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Questions we have, answers are mysterious.

I have never put this into action, I am not sure if I really want to know the answer. Because this could go 2 ways: it does get noticed and people question me if I am alright, all good – show concern, make me feel all warm and cozy and loved inside (ok, ok – stroke my ego a little, we all need it on occasion) OR no one notices for a few days or more, then I really am invisible.

I’ve never been one of those people who has a ton of friends. I know quite a few people and I am close to a hand-full. Just take a look at my friend count on Facebook, I have all of … wait for it… it is coming… be prepared for a shocker…


Yep, you saw that correctly.


2 away from 200. But I have no idea who to request to send me to that 200 mark. Lol. Oh, well. But 198 is small potatoes to some peoples friend list. Heck, my hubby even has more then I do. But I know people who are hundreds more than me, then there are those that have thousands more than me. I by no means am in a competition with any of my friends on FB, it just makes me wonder about things.

Wonder if I am not nice enough.

Wonder if I am too shy.

Wonder if I don’t get out much. (This part is true, heck I am a wife and mother and employee and writer and crafter and.. and.. and..)

Wonder if I too crazy. I have my moments. But for the most part I am what you call funny-crazy. I like to make people laugh. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t – guess I need to work on my act. 😉

I do know one friend off the top of my head, who will remain nameless (you know who you are) who has a weird concept of wanting to keep their friend list at exactly 100. Hope they never reach the point where I am the one they get rid of to make room for others. Ha ha. (You see that I did not even reference gender there.) So I guess I have more then that person. 😉

There are times I feel invisible.

There are times I feel invisible.

There are times I feel invisible because I am shy.

There are times I feel invisible because of social media.

There are times I feel invisible because of life.

In my many years on this earth, I have learned there is not always a reason behind every thought, every feeling, every emotion.

Sometimes these things just pop up.

So as I come to a close for tonight…

Sometimes I feel invisible.

Sometimes I don’t.

In the end, I can only be me.

Some days I will be invisible.

Some days I will be noticed.

In the end, tomorrow is another day – tomorrow I will feel differently.

You are not invisible alone.

We all have those moments – sometimes we even have moments we want to be invisible. 😉