This is more a statement post, I am by no means upset or mad about what I am about to share – just confused a little, wondering if people need their eyes checked. Hmmm.

Ok, now to get down to the nitty gritty.

I have boys. 3 boys. All boys. No girls. The likelihood of me having girls is slim. Very slim. I will go into further details later in this post.

To reiterate in case you did not see or read it in the line above. I have all boys. 🙂

You may be wondering why I am telling you what you may already know (only if you have read other posts by me). I promise I have a good reason why I am telling you.

It appears that quite a few people think that I have girls. I know crazy right. I have no idea why they think that but I am going to give it my best shot on guessing the possible reason.

With Aden, he has been around a little longer, but we frequently get asked if he is a girl or they will say “she” or “her” – it has gotten to the point sometimes we correct them and sometimes we don’t. All depends on the situation and where we may be at the moment that it occurs. Actually it has gotten to the point that Aden has started making sure people know he is a boy. He will introduce himself and then let whomever he is talking to know that he is a boy. 😉

Aden, I can only assume it is the long curly hair. Yes, he has gorgeous blue eyes but boys have been known to have pretty blue eyes, but you don’t see many boys with long hair, much less long curly hair like he has. I ask him ever so often if he would like for me to cut it or trim it. But he is adamant that he likes it the way that it is. So I leave it alone. (The other day at summer camp/daycare, it was crazy hair day – he informed us that he already had crazy hair – curls.)

He wears boy clothes and shoes. So I am unsure as to why he gets mistaken as a girl.

Now as for Gavin, don’t even ask me why he gets confused as a girl. Currently his hair is straight, although I have a feeling it is going to curl in time (Aden’s did not curl until close to his 2nd birthday). His eyes are a bit darker then Aden’s, but yet again there are boys/ men with blue eyes so I doubt this is it. I really have no idea.

In fact, it happened today. I took Gavin to a doctor appointment this morning, we did a little shopping and then we had an early lunch. As I was paying, the cashier leaned in and said:

“I just want to double check, is this a little girl.”

I was quite shocked by this because Gavin had a Beatles onesie on, jeans (it has been raining a bit the last few days and so the temperature was a little chilled – gotta love that Georgia weather), and loafers that have dinosaurs on them (and a rhino – that is another story). She even pointed out that she loved his shoes prior to asking me if he was a girl.

Now I know that a girl could wear these items as well, but in most cases – I said most – parents of little girls tend to dress them in outfits that make you aware it is a little girl – plus with all the bows and such.

I have no idea why people tend to lean towards my boys being girls, I actually currently find it funny and I hope that my boys will as well. But as they grow older their features will change from the soft and fine features of little boys/ babies into more masculine features where they will not be confused as girls any longer. (Super sad face.)

Maybe this is just the past repeating itself. Why might you ask? For a long time, as in until I was 3, I was often confused as a boy. I had little to no hair till about 3. Even when I wore pink frilly dresses and had my ears pierced. I guess it is a tradition. Ha-ha.

Now to get back to that topic I was so fleeting about earlier – the slim chance of having girls.

  • First, I am already batting 100 in the boy department.
  • Second, let me explain the male line on my husbands side.
    • Joel’s dad is one of five – all boys.
    • Joel’s generation, he is one of nine – 6 boys and 3 girls.
    • My boys generation, they are three of eight – 7 boys and 1 girl (to date).
  • So as you can see the male line is strong with this clan.
  • There is also the fact that we are done – no more kids for us. We are complete.

I will continue to be asked if we are going to keep trying for a girl and I will keep replying with “Nope, we are done”. I don’t quite understand why people feel that just because I have all boys I have to have a girl. Yes, I would have loved to have had a girl – but in some ways I am glad I did not.

One, I have never been really girly. I have always been more the jeans, t-shirt, converse kind of girl. Not sure what to do if I had a girl. I guess we could take some makeup lessons together and some hair styling lessons together. I know nothing about these. Currently my make up routine is chapstick. Yep, that is all. My hair routine, I am currently growing it out as I have had it short for many years now, I flat iron it in the morning and a way I go.

Second, I have had girlfriends that have had girls and I have gone shopping for them. I would be broke if we had a girl – all the adorable clothes and shoes. Sigh. Boys – jeans or shorts, shirts or onesies, shoes. I am not even going to go into all the things out there for girls. There is just TOO much.

Third, I have had 3 boys. I know boys. I can do boys. I have everything for boys. (Or I did, since we don’t plan on any others, we are selling as Little Man grows out of it.)

Again, just a quick note, those two adorable cuties in the picture, they are boys. 😃😃😍