Last week I talked about my Groot collection, figured this week I would talk about my Funko Pop collection. Keep the topic going at least for these 2 weeks, who knows what will happen next week. Another collection I have. Oh, what could it be. Other topics that I have written down as possible post. Oh, are you interested. Good, cause I have a notebook, I am writing ideas down in, so I could possibly be good with topics for the rest of this year and maybe even into next year. How exciting. It also helps that I have limited my post to once a week, I could write more often but the life of being a mom, wife, employee, co-founder, etc can make things pretty crazy for me – so I limit to once a week. Sorry guys.

So sorry that you guys only get me once a week, but how exciting it must be when that Wednesday comes. 🙂

As for what I decide to write about, I just run with what ever decides to come out (at least for the most part). Some post, I decide to hold on to until a later date. I am weird. If you don’t know by now, then just wait – more posts from me and you will see the strange/ craziness of me come out. I have also been known to have my silly side, I haven’t found it or seen it yet – but others have said they see it. Who knows.

Ok – enough off topic, on to today’s post.

I have the 2 Baby Groot Funko Pops (which I did not include a picture of since they were in last weeks post). These are the other Funko collections that I have. I have one complete collection and I have a collection I am trying to complete. Then just a few what I will call odd pieces, where I only have one.

I know, I am going to repeat something I said last week. It may appear that I am crazy to be collecting them at my age. No harm, no foul. Lol.

Ok the first collection (seen below) is my Twilight series. Yes, I love the books. Yes, I love the movies. No I am not on Team Edward. No I am not on Team Jacob. I am on Team Stephanie for writing books that I fell in love with and could get lost in. (My one requirement for books, I just want to get lost in great writing. Even if for just a few moments.) Luckily I do have the whole collection in this case. Yeah. It might be the only collection I may ever have that I have all the pieces to. I am realizing that these Funko Pops are very popular.

Funko - twilight

My second collection is the NEW Beauty and the Beast based on the live action movie. I got to go see the movie in theatre twice. Yes, I paid twice to go see it. Once with the hubby and once to get some me time. I also bought the Blue-Ray/ DVD the day after it came out. I liked it that much. All in all, as of the date of this posting, I have seen this movie 4 times (the 4th time being earlier today). But back to my collection (see below).

The first picture shows the normal size Funko Pops that I have. I hope/ wish I could finish out this collection but it appears that may not happen. There are 10 total in the collection, I have 7. The 3 left that I need, all of them are exclusive – as in they were only sold at certain stores. Unfortunately it appears I jumped on the band wagon a little late to get certain ones. I will be looking to see if I can find them to add to my collection.

As of today, I had my sight on one of the exclusives I needed to add to my collection but I will get to that in just a minute. I swear it was in touching distance. I could have touched it, it should have come home with me. But alas, I had to leave it there, but like I said I will get into that in a moment.

The second picture shows the Beauty and the Beast Mystery Mini collection. These are packaged in a box with no indication as to which one you will get. Funko Pop made a regular 12  count series for sales but they also made a special 12 count series for Walmart – which took the last 3 out of the regular series and placed them with exclusives. I know there goes those dang exclusives again. I swear.

I have 10 out of the 12 of the regular series and I do not have any of the exclusives. I hope to finish this collection, I may be able to finish the regular series out but I am unsure if I will get any of the exclusives as I am having a hard time finding the Mystery Minis at Walmart.

You may be wondering what I do with the extras that I get as you know it is going to happen when you don’t know what is the box. Well Aden has decided that he wants my extras, so he has a small collection of these himself and if we have any extra extras, well currently those are sitting on a cabinet in Gavin’s room. But it is just 2 Lumieres. I am not sure what I am going to do with those yet.

The last picture. So sad. I had it in my sight, I could have touched it. This is the Walmart exclusive that I needed to try and finish my collection. I found it through Walmart online, ordered it and went to pick it up today. As you can see in the picture the box was squished and had a sticker on the top. Since I have chosen to not take mine out of their boxes, I wanted a box in decent condition, it did not have to be perfect. I got my money back (I was told that Walmart did not deem this as damaged and so they would not order me another) and as soon as I got home, I went online to their website to re-order – only to find out that they are out. (Insert super sad face here.)

I am disappointed that I don’t have it and it may be that I never get it as other people are charging a small fortune (that I don’t have) for them. I am also disappointed that either Walmart felt it was ok to ship it to their customer in this condition or that they allowed it to get damaged in transportation. You would think that they would be more careful with peoples orders. Oh, well. There is nothing I can do now. I will keep an eye to see if at any point I can find it at a reasonable price to add.

My third collection. Not sure you could call it a collection as I only have one out of each set. The Harry Potter was given to me for Christmas from my Aden. He was very determined (according to Joel) that I needed to have this one. ( He knows I am a big Harry Potter fan – what can I say – another series of books and movies that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and watching. I would say so because every time one of the HP movies is on TV, we kind of have to watch even though we have seen them LOTS.) This Funko and the Christmas one of Baby Groot were my very first ones (I think – old age is catching up with me – mentally at least, I do have a few gray hairs, so maybe physically as well). They started my addiction. Hmm, Pops are kind of like tattoos, you can’t have just one. Or is that chips. Either way, I think it applies to both. Heehee.

As for the Wonder Woman, I got smart while I was at Walmart today. Saw that they had some out for Wonder Woman (the latest hot movie – yet I have not seen it – bad Marisa). I did not look through them all, although now that I think about it, maybe I should go back and see if there are any others I want. Anyways, I saw that this one was a Walmart exclusive, so I snatched it up. What with the way that I have been seeing how the exclusives are flying off the shelves, I figured I better grab one up. Better yet, I might need to go back and see if I can get another and try and sell it for a small fortune. Because this is how it seems with all these “exclusives”. Who knew.

Well now that I am in the Pop world, I guess I need to make sure that I move on any Pops I may want asap. Heck, if there is a chance I don’t want a certain one, I may still need to move on them quickly so that I have time to think about if I really want it or not, then if not I can sell later. Right? Anyways. I would like to add to both of these collections, I am unsure if I want the full collections, I will need to check the back of the boxes to see what the full collection entails.

Funko - odds

I am sure that as time goes on, there will be other Pops I get and add to my collection. Maybe years down the road, I may have to do an updated Collections post, to see where I am at that point. Hmm, we will have to wait and see. For now, I will also pack these away (with all my Baby Groot items) for safe keeping until the time comes to get them out and put on display.

You may be wondering why they are not on display now and they are hiding in some box in the depth of my closet at the moment. Well, I have a very good explanation for that. We are hoping to move in the next couple of years as we are running out of room in this one. What. This is our first house. Our starter house, we have been in it for over 10 years. So 10 years, 3 boys, 2 cats and a whole lot of just every day stuff, has meant that we are running out of room. So I have no where to put them on display at the moment.

Oh you might be wondering what this last picture is of and why I did not write about this collection. Well, this is not my collection. This is the hubby’s. Yes I have a few, maybe like a couple more then he does.  🙂 But I asked if I could share his as well. I have no clue as to the logistics behind his collection. What he might want to add? I have no idea. What collection he wants all of? I have no idea.

All I know is that he wants these and a few others he has mentioned. Maybe he will have better luck at getting the ones he wants then I have at getting the ones I want. Fingers crossed.


Wow, I just looked at my word count for this and it may be my longest post to date, but I have no plans to go through my others to see if that is correct or not. I can tell you that I was not expecting this post to be this long. A few pictures here and there, a few words there and here to describe what I had.

So if anyone reading this, my guess few to none (yes I have low self-esteem – it happens) – anyways, if you read this and come across the Beauty and the Beast Pops based on the live action movie, I still need #248, #249 and #251 to finish out my collection. I have done some looking and wow, ebay is expensive. I have a hard time paying like twice what they sell/ sold for at the stores. Maybe that makes me not a true collector. But dang, I can not spend that much. Probably has to do with all those years my parents instilled saving my money into me. Oh, well. If that makes me not a true collector, then so be it.

Thank you,