After telling you all about Drake’s pregnancy, I knew that I would get to the other 2 boys and today is about Aden. Figured I should go in order. ūüôā

My loving little boy who loves all things boys.





Red Jeeps.

Most of all he absolutely loves his brothers.

Just last night he was sad because he missed Drake. So I asked “why”.

He said, “I want to keep him.”

Just breaks your heart hearing that. We have explained what we can to him to help him understand what happened to Drake but Aden is 5. There is still a lot he does not know or understand because like I said he is 5.

Alright now on to his pregnancy/ birth (as each of my boys had to have their own story).

We got pregnant with Aden the January (I was due in October) after we lost Drake, we had made the decision that we would not prevent our next pregnancy, we would let it happen when it decided to happen.

As you can imagine, I had lost complete confidence in the group of doctors that had attended me when I was pregnant with Drake, so with Aden; I found a new doctor. One I talked to before even deciding to go to her. She understood my concerns and fears. She understood that I could not be lumped into the “average” woman as my last doctors did. I felt she understood me and I was extremely comfortable with her.

I started attending her practice as soon as I was sure I was pregnant, she confirmed it on our first actual visit together. She said that we would be very careful and watch this pregnancy and do whatever was needed to NOT have a repeat performance. With Aden, I had some mild nausea in the beginning, it helped alleviate it I was able to eat snacks between meals. Soon after about the 12 week mark the nausea went away and I was able to start enjoying this pregnancy as best I could. (Fear was always in the back of my mind.)

You have to realize I was still scared of what might happen at the end.

Everything was going along great until we hit the 29 week mark. I was at work and went to the bathroom to realize that I was spotting, so I called my doctor and I was told to go to the hospital right away. I was in panic mood the whole drive there, which was about 40 minutes. I called Joel and he left work to join me.

Once I was in the hospital, it was determined that I was having contractions, ones that they wanted to stop. I was given fluids to make sure I stay hydrated, I was given steroids to help with his lungs in case they were unable to stop the contractions and I ended up in labor with him, they gave me antibiotics and I was on magnesium sulfate for one day. They prepared me that I would feel like I had the flu once that started. (Not that I have ever had the flu, so had no idea what that meant.) Luckily for me I slept most of the day so I really had no side effects unless I tried to eat (nothing would stay down while I was on it). My mom came to hang out with me, to this day still not sure what she did as I was basically passed out during that day. I do remember Joel calling during his lunch and I was awake so I talked to him, or I thought I talked to him. He later told me that I made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Hmm. It all sounded fine in my head.

I am grateful that the nurses and doctors were able to get the contractions to stop. My doctor told me that the most likely cause of the contractions, was the fact that Aden’s pregnancy was close to Drake’s – there was only 4 months¬†between the two of them.¬†I was placed on a medication that helps with blood pressure (which was not an issue I had)¬†but this medication also stopped my contractions and I was sent home a week after I was admitted to be confined to this house. This is how I tell people “I was confined to the house” because I was not required to stay in bed, I could move about the house but nothing too long and I was unable to stand on my feet for long periods of time.

My mom would come spend some of the days with me to make sure that I was ok and did not need anything.

The day before I had Aden, our very large kitty Ollie (short for Oliver) cuddled up next to my stomach (pictures below). You might be thinking “ahh” he is loving the pregnant belly and that he did this on a normal basis. Nope. He and I did not and still do not have the greatest relationship. We tend to ignore one another. But he spend most of that day hanging with Aden in my belly.

We did not realize till later that we think he knew I was having contractions (I did not know).

The next day, which was a Friday, I went in for what I thought was going to be a normal weekly visit that morning, I was 37 weeks (September 23)¬†exactly. While in the exam room, the doctor had her back to me and¬†was getting the device to listen to his heartbeat – when she turned around, she asked me how long that had been going on while pointing at my stomach. I asked “What” – I thought he was just pushing a little. My doctor said “No, that is a contraction” – boy was I shocked. I had no idea. So she checked me and said I was already 3 cm dilated and that I should be feeling the pain (I was not). She sent us to the hospital to be monitored.

So we drove to the hospital were I was admitted in to Labor and Delivery. I called my parents on the way and they made their way to the hospital.

Once I was hooked up to the monitor, the nurses would come in every now and then to check on me and see how I was feeling. The nurses would ask me if I felt any of the contractions which I did not, they would look at Joel with large eyes – he was able to see the monitor with my contractions on it and he later told me that they were big and I was still telling the nurses I was fine. Which I was. (High pain tolerance is great.)

My doctor was able to monitor my contractions from her office. Once they started to get close together she came in to check me, my parents had already arrived by then so they politely left the room so I could be checked. I was 7 cm, with very little discomfort, I was able to just take deep breathes through it. She decided to go ahead and break my water so we could finish the dilating and have this little boy.

From the time my parents left the room at 1:05, my water was broken and I gave birth to Aden, the span of time was 17 minutes. I gave birth to Aden in 17 minutes. A couple of funny parts to this is that there was a nursing student in my room along with the doctor and at least 2 other nurses.

After I gave birth, the 2 nurses turned to the student and told her that this was not normal, I had cheated.

There were also 2 women in rooms near us that had been in labor since the night before and here I come in after them and I have my baby before them.

There was a slight concern when I was contracting that Aden might be small so they were going to have a neonatologist nurse come check him once he was born. They had done an ultrasound during my contracts (which is not fun – let me tell you) – measurements thought he was going to be under 5 lbs.

He ended up being 5lbs, 11ozs. The nurse still came to check him and told us that he was perfectly healthy.

I ended up having Aden with no medication due to my pain tolerance. We learned with my pregnancy with Aden that I do not feel the contractions/ discomfort until I am literally in active labor.

We stayed in the hospital for a little over 24 hours then we were release and we brought our little Aden home.

He is now 5 and will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall. Sad. ūüė¶

He is amazing to watch, he amazes us everyday with his questions, his thoughts, his compassion, his love, his laugh, his ….. everything.

Love that little boy so much.

Thank you,