I named this blog post “Lots” because I feel like I have lots to cover here but maybe it is just a couple of things. Lets see what comes out of my fingers and go from there.


Last week, I talked about Gavin’s surgery and being scared about my baby going under. Well the surgery is all done, it occurred last Friday. Everyone leading up to it was telling me how quick it would be and I swear they were right and of course I did not know til I went through it.

We spent more time driving to get to the hospital in Atlanta (an hour drive for us) then it took to do the surgery.

We spent more time in the hospital room waiting for the surgery (they told us to get there 2 hours before the surgery) then it took to do the surgery.

Looking back on it, we both think it took less than 5 minutes.

When it was time to take him back, one of us was allowed to take him – it was me. I was able to hold his hand and tell him that I loved him, gave him a kiss on the forehead while he had the mask on. Next thing I know the nurse that took us back there was letting me know that it was time to go to the post-op room to wait for him.

I went back to Room 16, which was NOT where it should have been – I walked in and I saw Room 15, then Room 14, then Room 13. I stopped and looked around I could NOT find Room 16, finally found a nurse to ask and it was down another corridor. Weird.

Joel was already in there.

The nurse who showed me where it was asked me “Do you know this gentlemen?”

My reply, “Yep, that is my husband.”

I walked in and took my hairnet (which I totally rocked – lol) and the hospital gown that I had to wear over my clothes off and placed them in a chair near the door to the room.

I then sat down to talk to Joel while we waited.

About that time, Gavin’s post-op nurse walked in and told us what to expect when he came out. He would either be angry because he was not under long enough to really go to sleep or he actually would be asleep and they would let him sleep for about 10-15 minutes so that they could wake him and he would be less/ not angry.

When she left, I told Joel everything that happened once I left him to take Gavin to the operating room.

I swear like 30 seconds later, the doctor walked in and said he was all done and everything went fine.


After the doctor left, our little man was rolled in.

Our little man came back angry. They gave him some Pedialyte to calm him (he was super hungry) and he had 1/2 a bottle of that then I was able to give him his bottle.

The nurse informed us that after his bottle he could go home and that after a good nap he would be back to himself.

We left soon after, where he fell asleep in the car and we let him sleep as long as he needed – even though it meant he missed a bottle in there. Once we got home, he was still asleep in the carseat, we did not chance waking him to transfer him to his crib so I sat him down next to the couch until he work up.

Once he woke up and got another bottle he truly was back to his normal, happy self.

I am so glad that it was easy and quick, made my heart feel all better. Now we just see what happens.


The same day we took Gavin for his surgery, it was also Joel and mine’s 10 year wedding anniversary.

We have been together since 2000, but got married in 2007.

Joel totally surprised me with my wedding gift. He got me a anniversary band to go with my engagement/ wedding band. I love it. He did a great job.

Hmm. Now I need to be thinking about the next piece of jewelry I might want. ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL.


I started this blog because there are dreams that I would like to see come true. I am still working on some but this past week, I was able to put one into action.

I started my own business on Etsy.

I make handmade, unique and different invitations – birthday, baby shower, wedding (which I should be adding soon), etc. I am super excited about it and I can only hope that something comes of it because I loved making something different for my boys and their birthdays and I hope that there are people out there that feel the same and want something different, something unique – because that is what I offer.

If you have an idea, I may be able to put it in action.

If you read this, please feel free to share my etsy page. I have only been live since this weekend. But I look forward to my sales to come. ๐Ÿ™‚


Thank you,