New Year’s Resolutions.

Should I.

Should I not.

Should I.

Should I not.

I am going to go with no. I have made resolutions in the past as many others have done and surprise surprise I also failed at them. Life got in the way. I forgot. I was lazy. I expected to much of myself. You name it, I or someone else has used it as an excuse to get out to that resolution we were so proud to make.

So instead of making a New Year’s resolution, I am going to just keep being me.

Keep wanting to better myself.

Keep wanting to help others.

Keep wanting to make my dreams reality.

Keep wanting to raise my boys right.

Keep wanting to be a good wife.

Keep wanting to just be a good person.

I am by no means perfect, I have flaws. Some fixable, some are not. But the ones that are fixable, I have to want to fix. No resolution is going to make me do that. Only me when I feel the time is right. As for the flaws that are not fixable, I don’t feel they will hurt me or anyone else so they will remain there. Because in the end I am human, I have emotions and feels, I am flawed.

If you feel a resolution works for you, good. Go for it. But they don’t always work for everyone, and I have accepted that I am one of those so.

So I will enjoy this ringing in the new year with my husband as the boys will be in bed way before the dropping of whatever ball. 🙂

I will see you all on the other side of 2017, where who knows what will flow out of my brain through my fingers on to the page. It may be insightful, it may be funny, it may be sad, it may not make any sense at all. I can promise one thing, it will be me – it will be from the heart.

Thank you