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Hard Decision – Not Moving Forward With Copywriting, For Now

As you know by now, I lost my job almost a year ago now. Not by anything that I did wrong. But during the time I was not working, I took some classes to learn more about programs that you... Continue Reading →

It’s Been 90 Days and I Still Have My Job

Well, last month (February 2021) I crossed over my 90 days for my new job. Talk about a sigh of relief. I can’t say that it is all gone because I need more time for that. But I am working... Continue Reading →

My Fast and Furious Obsession

Yes, I have an obsession with the Fast and Furious movies. I have for a while now. Maybe it has to do with the symbolism of Family and support that seems to be in them all. Maybe it has to... Continue Reading →

Tired of Feeling Alone

(Please know that there are feelings and thoughts I had all last year, for which I will be sharing into this year - some may even seep into this year. I am writing about things I have felt - not... Continue Reading →

Book Quotes About Happiness and Strength

It is a new year, one we all hope will get better as the year progresses' but even if it doesn't - let us all take a minute or two and find something to be happy about. Something that gives... Continue Reading →

Mental Health – When It Sends You Down The Crap Hole

I am really hoping that soon I can leave 2020 in the dust that it needs to be covered with - but there are things I still feel I need to share from my own experience with 2020. I am... Continue Reading →

Life Hands You Lemons, Do You Have Sugar?

Many of you know 2020 was a crappy year. Let me repeat that -  2020 was a crappy year for many. Too many. We are still dealing with the aftermath of some of the crappy factors. 2020 handed many lemons.... Continue Reading →

Reading I Did In 2020

To back up a little - back in 2019, I started keeping track of the books I read so I would know how many I read and I also decided to keep the word count as well. I had never... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

(Note: All posts under my “Writing” section - I usually post those twice a month, there will be a little delay as I prepare some poems I have written and further stories either in the Green series or any other... Continue Reading →

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