Life By The Dreams

Was Midnight Sun as disappointing to you as it was for me?

For all of you who were waiting for the release of Midnight Sun, Twilight’s newest book by Stephanie Meyer – I was right there beside you. I never read the chapters that had been previously released. I didn’t want to... Continue Reading →

How 10 Years of Grief Can Still Effect You

One Decade. Ten Years. One hundred and twenty months. Five hundred and twenty weeks. Three thousand six hundred and fifty days. Eighty-seven thousand six hundred hours. Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. 10 Years of Grief is a Long... Continue Reading →

Poem 3

(Note: I wrote this poem in March 2014, This poem was one of the many I wrote during my grief stage, I have quite a few and I will be sharing just as many - there may be days that... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Stress Sucks and Why They Suck

Oh, I have no doubt I could come up with WAY more than 5 reasons that stress sucks but I don’t want to bore you with it all or make this any longer than it has to be – so... Continue Reading →

Can Being a Copywriter Be the Solution to My Future?

There is no honest answer to this question at this time. Only time will tell – hopefully not too much time. So it is finally time to come out with my secret. I have been taking an online class since... Continue Reading →

Poem 2

(Note: I wrote this poem in March 2017. I have looked through all the poems I wrote, wow I was bad at it years and years ago - like around high school years. I won't be sharing any of those.... Continue Reading →

Books – 2019 vs 2020

Books.  I love books.  I need more books – even though I have quite a few I still need to read.  Can you tell I LOVE to read, right?  It is absolutely one of the things I love to do... Continue Reading →


Recently I came across the term in a video I watched online, “imposter syndrome” and I feel if there were pictures of those who feel this way, mine would be one of many shown underneath. Many of you probably know... Continue Reading →

Green Gets a Home

(Note: I wrote this children's book back in July 2015. I wrote a few others to go along with it and I am thinking about writing more to include in these bi-weekly writing posts on occasion. I hope to include... Continue Reading →

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